Teenagers: 13-18 years.

A rise in hormones (particularly androgens) can cause excess oil production. This can lead to clogged pores, bacteria, inflammation, infection, and dreaded pimples!

The best way to avoid bad skin days is to use the right skincare ingredients from the beginning.


Products included:

1. Pore Control cleanser 175ml
2. Acne Repair serum
3. DermDefence SPF 50

Treatment Objectives

  1. Clear and prevent clogged pores and breakouts.
  2. Help to prevent skin damage.
  3. Promote healthy skin habits.

Treatment regimen

☀️ Morning:
1. Pore Control cleanser
2. DermDefence SPF 50

🌙 Evening:
1. Pore Control cleanser
2. Acne Repair serum


Why do I need Acne Repair serum if I don’t have acne?
Acne Repair serum contains fantastic proven active ingredients that will regulate sebum production and prevent breakouts and inflammation. It’s also packed with nutrients and vitamins that will promote healthy skin.

How long will these products last me?
Your products will last approximately 3 months if used according to directions.