Adjustable Gastric Balloon System


Lose Weight With The Only Adjustable Gastric Balloon System

Spatz3 is the only Adjustable Gastric Balloon in the world, helping achieve optimal weight loss results while changing your attitude towards food. 

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The Only Adjustable Gastric Balloon System in Mpumalanga

Non Surgical Weight Loss


The gastric balloon surgery or simply Spatz surgery is used for clients with class 1 obesity and above (BMI above 30).

The gastric balloon helps rapid satiation, and limits feelings of hunger.

The reason for the operation is the prevention or treatment of diseases caused by obesity, and also an improvement in the quality and length of life.

It can also be used for patients suffering from morbid obesity (BMI above 50), mainly to reduce their weight before a planned bariatric operation.

The balloon limits the amount of food the stomach can hold and creates thereby an early feeling of fullness and satiety. Less intake of food will result in weight loss. After up to six months, or up to twelve months with the SPATZ3 balloon, the device is removed using endoscopy again.

The use of the balloon is complemented with counseling and nutritional support or advice.

Endoscopic placement of the balloon is temporary and reversible without surgical incisions. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Gastric Balloon

Who is the right candidate for gastric balloon surgery?

Gastric balloon surgery is suitable for patients who, due to medical reasons, cannot or do not wish to undergo other methods of treating obesity (e.g. gastric banding, tubulization or plication), among others because it does not require general anaesthesia

How does a balloon work?

The balloon floats freely in the stomach and gives the patient a feeling of being full; it reduces the free volume of the stomach, thereby decreasing the volume of food. This effect leads to weight loss. It’s left in the stomach for 6 months, during which the patient forms new eating habits; it’s then easier for them to adhere to the new regime after the balloon is removed. The method’s effectiveness is considerable – specialized work published to date states that weight loss is 15-25 kg within 6 months. This depends on the initial weight.


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